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Nitrious Cellulous Lacquer Abstract Impressionism
Tidal Wave $1,125.00

The Nitrous Cellulose Lacquers used were created by an abstract impressionist named Eugene Waddell.  I worked with Eugene in the early 1970's.   These pieces are the result of that most interesting experience.  Some of these pieces were done several years later. 

 Instead of blending with each other, the colors would create chemical  reactions with each other.  Causing unpredictable, but  interesting results .

Expedition to the Unknown $2,500.00
Cathedral Pines Seiies II $750.00
Cathedral Pines Series II $650.00
Cathedral Pines Series III $850.00
Cathedral Pines Series IV $775.00
Cathedral Pines Series V $625.00
Cathedral Pines Series VI $725.00
Cathedral Pines Finality $1,575.00
This series of pictures was inspired by ,the Cathedral Pines Forest in the north west corner of Connecticut.It was the last remaining virgin forest in the state.The pine trees in this forest rivaled California's grand redwoods.One day in the 1980's God decided to throw a tornado at the forest...the result was total decimation ! I thought that was a strange decision on Gods part ! This group of  paintings was done in memory of this forest.
Google Eyes 25"x32" $575.00
Gates of Hell 31""'x13" $625.00
Freakquency Overload $825.00
Rising Tide - 22"x18" $550.00
Satin 18"x9" $325.00
Flight of the Dragonfly $675.00
The Pitcher $650.00
Flight of the Egret $1,250.00
Spectre $650.00
On Doctor "J's" Mind $875.00
Wind Illusion $575.00